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This Programs Package Includes:


LAUNCH Program 1

LAUNCH Program 2

Also, you get the help desk, chat support, one free program set for your organization’s manager when you buy the Brain Launch Programs Package for up to 100 children. Cancel anytime.

A dedicated Brain Launch Programs server is available to our group subscribers with an annual membership. Please contact us for more info.

General Instructions

We have designed all of our programs to be very user-friendly. You, or a mature teenager or other ‘coach’ will be able to intuitively use it when working with your child. However, it is beneficial to read the ‘General Instructions and Coaching Tips’ found at the beginning of each program.

When you log into your subscription you’ll find a menu button to our FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions) resource. There, you’ll also be able to ask new questions and even contribute your own answers to our FAQ resources.

Before starting you should make sure you have the few common items you will need. Below is a list of them. Should you need any, they are available from Amazon. Here are links to some of our favorite Brain Launch Programs Accessories to develop your child’s Foundational Processing Systems. Of course, any of the items can be substituted for similar ones you may have already or for which you may have a personal preference.

    • 8 foot, 1 or 2-inch x 4 inch Board. (If you cannot get a board, you can use 4-inch wide Tape to make an 8-foot walking line)
    • Medium size ball that will bounce straight (e.g. a 10-inch basketball)
    • Smaller Play Balls like Racket Balls
    • Pencil & Eraser
    • Scissors
    • Playing Cards
    • Crayons
    • A Timer note: Free apps are available on most ‘smart’ phones and computers from their related App Stores.

Please note that if your child has a physical, vision, hearing, or a moderate to severe mental disability, they may not be able to do all of the exercises.

Congratulations on your decision to give your child a Healthy Brain Launch!